My Child Just Licked the Mirror is That Normal?

It’s your first class. You have gone out of your way to pick the best studio for your child.

You have her all dressed in a new clean pink leotard with a pretty skirt and a few rhinestones at the neck line. She let you put her hair in a perfect ballerina bun and didn’t fight you about wearing tights.

After she was all dressed and ready, she twirled and danced around the house in her new outfit. She's ready to start.

You get to the studio. Put on her new pink slippers. She meets the teacher and seems to like her right away. She walks fearlessly into the room without you. Class starts.

Your child runs up to the mirror and licks it. They start making faces in the mirror. They start playing dance teacher with the child standing next to them. They start doing their own thing rather than what the teacher is showing them to do.

You pictured her walking into class being a beautiful princess ballerina. You wonder if this mirror licking, face making, doing their own thing child of yours is normal.

The answer is yes. And the good new is all this is just your child’s natural creativity, curiosity and imagination at play.

Every child is different. Some come to dance with discipline and a desire to do things right. Others come with their creativity and curiosity in high gear. Some come and all they want to do is express themselves. Others want to take a look and see what this is all about before they jump in.

At 3 and 4 your child is already using their natural gift. Gifts like curiosity, self expression, creativity, discipline, individuality and being observant. Today it is mirror licking and dancing to their own drum. Tomorrow they are creating art, a scientific breakthrough or a new business model.

That is why dance class is so important. It allows your child to explore their natural gifts. To have them nurtured and encouraged until they have grown up for your child to use in life. I know of no other activity that will allow your child’s natural gifts to thrive than dance.