Baby Ballerinas Can Have a Bad Day and Still Love Dance

Today is the day you take your child to their first dance class. You got her hair into a perfect bun. She’s all dressed in her new ballerina outfit with clean pink ballet slippers and shiny tap shoes. She danced around the house all excited to take class.

You get there. She's introduced to the teacher and other students. She seems happy and ready to go.

Class starts. Your camera up and ready to capture the moment.

Then it happens. All she does is cry or won't do everything full out or keeps running out to you. These things happen. Don't worry It doesn’t mean this is the end of their dance career. Just be patient.

Every little dancer is different. Some walk into class like they have been dancing all their life. But others have their own way of approaching a new situation.

If they have not been in pre-school before, it can be overwhelming. The separation, the teacher and other students may take some getting use to. Don’t give up. Let her watch this time then bring her in again. She will get more comfortable being in class once she knows what to expect.

Some children like to watch and make sure they have a grasp of things before they jump in. Let them go at their own pace. Bring them in again. You'll see them do a more and more each week.

She keeps running out and wants you in there with her. That’s fine. Go on in. Sit and watch in the room. Next time you bring her we'll put you right by the window. And the next time she won’t even miss you.

We have had little ones that all we have to do in try a different time, teacher or studio room. They change from a reluctant student to a full out joyful, passionate little dancer.

At our studio if the first trial class doesn’t work out, we’ll give you another. In fact, we have done three or four. We’re that confident in the power of dance. All the wonderful benefits joy, imagination, creativity and playfulness give a child. Tools used in dance class to help them grow strong in all areas of their development.