Want to be part of an award winning dance team?
Then why not give Art in Motion Dance Company
a try this year.


Team members jump high at our dance school.

Company Auditions

Auditions for non Art of the Dance Students and Art of the Dance Student are over for this year. Please call the studio 818-760-8675 to be alert when auditions will be help again in May 2018.

Evolution Studios is located at:
10816 Burbank Blvd. NoHo Arts District 91601
Please park and enter at the rear of the building.

Boys and Girls 8 to 18 with dance experience in ballet and contemporary dance or lyrical jazz may audition.

There is a $10.00 audition fee due at the time of audition.

Please come at least 1/2 an hour early to sign in and warm up.

Auditions will include:

  • 1/2 hour of technical work where dancers will be asked to demonstrate their level of technique in three areas: extensions, turns and jumps.

  • the second half hour will test the dancers musicality, stage presence and ability to pick up choreography by performing a contemporary combination.

At the audition parents will be given a sheet with all competition dates and times that are open for rehearsal as well as all rules for attendance and commitment. Both the parent and the dancer must sign a commitment contract to the team.

Boys and girls take part in our dance company
The dance team at our dance studio is for ages 8 to 18.


Dancers must agree to take class at Art of the Dance. Classes are in the evening during the week and Saturday afternoons as well as rehearsals. Please call the studio 818-760-8675 for the exact schedule.

We will, at the parent's and dancer's request, put dancers on our team who are studying at another studio or in a performing arts school, if the Artistic Director feels they are getting the proper training to keep up with the technical demands of being on our team.

A dancer must take classes with us if the Artistic Director feels the dancer would make a great addition to the company, but needs to work on certain areas of technique to come up to company standards.

Juniors participate in one dance.

Teens and Seniors in two dances.

Solos and duos are available for all team members who are ready for them.

Dance team will give your dancer more of a professional polish than dance classes alone.

Class Requirements and Fees

Please note we still have scholarships available for boys. These scholarships cover classes and rehearsals only. The dancer is responsible for costume fees and entry fees.

Teens and Seniors must take 2 ballet classes and 2 contemporary classes a week and attend all rehearsals.

For the minimum required classes and rehearsals for one dance: $460.00 per month

Juniors must take 2 ballet classes and one contemporary class a week and attend all rehearsals.

For the minimum required classes and rehearsals for one dance: $368.00 per month

Solos run $525.00 for a block of 8 half hour rehearsals. Duos and Trios have the same fee per dancer.

All tuition is paid by auto pay through Visa or MasterCard.

There is a $35.00 registration fee per year per dancer. Includes ballet uniform for the year.

Other fees:

Costumes: Approximately $75.00 to $100.00 per costume for each dance.

Competition entry fees:
Juniors Approximately $50.00 three times a year.

Teens and Seniors Approximately: $100.00 three times a year.

There are extra entry fees per competition from $65.00-$125.00 for duos, trios and solos.

Dancers must provide their own transportation to and from competitions. Most competitions are within an hours drive from the studio and do not require over night stays.

Questions? Please call 818-760-8675. The Artistic Director will be happy to personally assist you.