Dance Class makes it fun:
To enhance self-esteem, creativity and physical fitness.
To learn goal setting, problem solving and team work.
To experience how with passion and hard work
you can achieve anything.

How can so much fun provide so much more
than just learning dance steps?

To find out what makes us different than any other dance studio,
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Our dancers jump for joy in our dance classes

Why do our dance students get so much extra value from our dance school?

Because we give our recreational dancers the same individual attention, focus on technique and self expression that we give our competitive and pre-professional dancers, they get the same benefits from dance.

Our teachers come to class with the expectation that the recreational dancer can improve their skills and reach for excellence.

Our once a week students feel proud and accomplished. We reward their success to keep them motivated to move on from level to level.

Many of our high school dancers have been with us as recreational dancers since they were toddlers. Always motivated by our well designed program and well trained teachers to reach for the highest levels of dance, they train year after year with joy, passion and the desire to do well.

Parents are  amazed by what we accomplish in our dance classes.

Parents of our once a week students experience the pride of watching their dancer improve year after year. They notice just how much 

Many of the teens and pre-teens at our dance studio started with us as toddlers in pre-school dance.

dance has given their dancer an extra edge in school. They tell us their dancer is fitter, more disciplined and accomplished than their non dancing friends.

Our expertise in dance education really shows in our older beginners. We can train older beginners to catch up and excel. They never feel they are behind but that they are constantly improving. Reaching further than they ever thought possible.

Think about how it would feel to see your child on stage dancing with great skill and enjoying every moment of their performance, can you hear the applauds. Do you think you just might get a little chocked up when your dancer stands proudly at the end of the show with their trophy to celebrate all their hard work?

After a show like that, you will know in your heart that the passion they have shown for this art form will become the passion they will use to succeed with their life goals.  You've given them the most amazing gift you could ever give them.

There is only one reason why we have created this dance studio.

To make dreams come true by giving your child not only the best dance fundamentals but the skills to reach any goal they desire.

Want to find out just how we make dreams come true? Call 818-760-8675 for your Free Class Pass or use the opt in form. 


Give us a call 818-760-8675. We are happy to talk to you about our programs.

Classes held at
Evolution Studios
10816 Burbank Blvd.
in the NoHo Arts District

Entrance and parking at the rear of the building


The great teacher inspires and I see the Art of the Dance teachers inspiring my girls to do their best every time I see them perform. I always see passion in them when they dance. In less than 3 years, I have watched them grow and improve while having a great time too. Dance technique has taught them a lot and I see it in the discipline, motivation and responsibility they show in all parts of their life. I am very proud and grateful to have them under Miss Leslie’s wings.
— B. Calma, Glendale