They're only little for a short time.  
Trust those precious moments to
Twinkle Star Academy

In the Twinkle Star Academy the teacher gives your child a dance class that uses the joy and freedom of movement that is natural for your child. 
By using your child's natural love of story and the movement of play, their imagination and creativity will soar
In every class at our dance school you can see the smiles, hear the laughter and feel the joy. 

There is no greater gift you can give your child than making their dreams come true every week in a class like this
or share a more magical moment with them than in this dance program.

 Our program is designed to give your child the most joyful, fulfilling and wondrous experience possible. 
Our teachers are trained to give your child memories that will last a lifetime.

Want to experience the Art of the Dance difference for yourself? 
Use the opt in button or call us at 818-760-8675 for a free class pass.
Hurry!  There are only a limited number of passes left.

Your pre-school age child's imagination will soar at our Dance school.

What would it be like to give your little one the gift of a dance class?

You don't need to force your child into the car to get to class. They are dressed and ready an hour ahead of time. They know the teacher they love, their dance friends and twinkle star bear are waiting for them.  

When they get to class, they can't wait to start.  You sit and watch every class amazed by how much they can learn.  But what amazes you the most, is how much what seems like child's play is starting to look like basic dance steps.

They are having so much fun, enjoying the movement, music, the steps and the stories. But what is just their own playfulness and natural love of movement is becoming lovely moments of dance.

This is the kind of dance instruction you imagined for your child.

You cherish every moment of this, but the best part is, when they run out of class laughing and smiling and you greet them with hugs and kisses. What better way to let your child know how much unconditional love you have for them, than to reward them with your approval after class.

Our pre-school age dancers love their dance instruction.

This dance school is more than dance.

There's no better way than a weekly dance class to show your approval for the joy and wonder of learning.

There's no better way for your child to develop their motor skills, imagination, creativity and mental skills than in this fun and magical way.

Give our dance studio a try.

If you would like to experience the Art of the Dance difference for yourself, use the opt in button or call us at 818-760-8675 for a free class pass.

Our Pre-school age boys jump for joy at our dance studio.

Give us a call 818-760-8675. We are happy to talk to you about our programs.

Classes held at
Evolution Studios
10816 Burbank Blvd.
in the NoHo Arts District

Entrance and parking in the rear of the building. 

"I like jazz and tap and being a ballerina. I like the music. I love my teacher and my friends."
Andrea, 5 years old, San Fernando

"I like the class music. I like it when my teacher teaches us to move.  I like to come to class."
   Audrey, 5 years old, Sherman Oaks