Your child’s ballet training will only be
as good as their teacher’s training.

The best ballet experience for your child is with a teacher who has the highest level of professional training and performance experience.

When you’re ready for the finest classical ballet training available with positive and nurturing individual attention in a family atmosphere,  you’re ready for
Extensions Ballet Academy

Why not give us a try and find out how experience, dedication to the art and a passion for dance
creates a program that will give your child a love of ballet, an appreciation of art, 
amazing physical fitness and a sharp mind.
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Hurry!! There are limited number of spaces remaining in the ballet academy.


the focus and precision needed for excellent technique is taught in a positive manner at our dance school.

At our dance school we give our dancers the finest pre-professional ballet training.

Our Artistic Director, Leslie Dee, trained with San Francisco Ballet and danced professionally as a modern dancer with several prestigious dance companies. She brings all this experience to our ballet program. 

Every teacher under her direction follows the same carefully crafted curriculum and teaching standards to give your child the finest training possible.  This is serious training in a positive, nurturing , friendly and non-competitive atmosphere.  Your child will love ballet and thrive as a dance artist.

As a parent it will amaze you what ballet will do for your child.

Yes, it is a very old and traditional art form from another century. You may not have thought that your 21st century, tech savvy child would love it. But here they are every week in uniform with their hair in a bun, gently training their body to properly execute the technique being given to them.

You see them jump, turn and dance with a grace and beauty that amazes you. You hear them in their bedroom getting their homework done so they don't miss class and you've been more than a little surprised when they have asked to go to a friend's party late so that they don't miss a rehearsal.

But you know that this dedication, passion, discipline and focus will serve them well in anything they choose to do in life.

You worry a little less about them as they get older because you know ballet requires an alert mind and strong body. They love it so much and it is important enough to them, that they would never do anything to jeopardize the well being of their mind or body.

our dance classes produce a love of classical ballet.

The pride you feel after a performance and the joy and confidence you see in them when they finally accomplish a step that has been hard for them, makes ballet the best thing you have ever given them. This is what our parents and students experience in the academy on a regular basis.

Our dance studio teaches ballet in a positive way.

There are no screaming teachers with belittling, soul crushing comments. Only teachers who know how to bring the best out of their students with an attention to details and positive corrections directed only at what is needed to improve the technique.

In our academy, we celebrate every student's accomplishments. We applaud each other for overcoming a hard step. We support each other in the creation of this art form.

If you would like to see just how we approach ballet training, please call for your Free Class Pass, 818-760-8675. A limited number of spaces are available in the ballet academy.


Give us a call 818-760-867. We are happy to talk to you about our programs.

Classes held at
Evolution Studios
10816 Burbank Blvd.
in the NoHo Arts District

Parking and entrance at the rear of the building.


We feel very fortunate to have found Art of the Dance. Miss Leslie keeps class sizes small enough to be able to give very detailed, specific instruction and correction to each student-the kind of attention it is impossible to get in large classes. Our daughter’s skill and technique have improved enormously since she began to study here. Our daughter has made many friends and LOVES coming to class.
— M Bolotsky, Encino
We make a lot of friends and have a lot of fun because of dance. And pointe shoes are really cool.
— Kylie, Student, Sherman Oaks
I make a lot of friends. Pointe shoes are fun. Art of the Dance is awesome.
— Nicole, Student, Studio City