If you want to give your child the amazing life skills
that can only come from taking part in a competitive activity...

If you want your child to excel in an athletic activity
that creates some of the world's top athletes...

If you want your child to have an extra curricular activity
that will truly impress a college admissions officer...

You're ready for our dance team.

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I would be happy to give you a free consultation about our team.
Or go to our Team Page and find out how to audition.

The dance team at our dance school have a professional polish to their technique.

The Dance Team at our dance studio is unlike any other.

Our dancers win Overall Awards and place in the top 5 by participating in our program that is both budget friendly and respectful of the student's academic schedule and family schedules.

By balancing time time spent in technique classes with time spent in rehearsal, we create champion dancers without the stress of spending long hours at the studio.

We are tough and insist that every team member do their best but we always approach our dancers in a respectful and positive manner. The result is our dances jump higher, turn better, have terrific extension and perform with professional artistry. They also have a love of dance, high self esteem, enjoy the freedom of creative expression and are well rounded individual.

They know that passion, hard work, dedication, persistence and learning from their mistakes will make them champions in life as well as on the dance floor.

Dance team gives your dancer an extra edge to their training in dance class.

As a parent, you will see how much being involved in a competitive activity will allow your child to approach everything in life with a good work ethic and a positive attitude. You will hear them say I won't give up till I can do it. And you can feel the determination and confidence they will start to show in all their activities.

Yes, there is the extra time and commitment to take extra classes, attend rehearsals and get to competitions. But you will see for yourself that the
benefits will far outweigh a couple weekends a year at a local competition.

At our dance studio our dancers feel free to express them selves in our safe and respectful environment.

The Dance Team members at our dance school get so much more then trophies.

Your dancer will also have memories that will last a life time. Their bedroom walls filled with the medals and a shelf of the trophies they have earned. These serve as reminders that they have the power to accomplish whatever they put they put their mind, heart and effort into.

We also encourage our dancers to be supportive of each others in both their failures and successes. That's why our competitive students say their dance friends are their best friends, more than anyone at school.

Not every child wants to be in sports. Dance will give them the same edge in life as being on a sports team but with the art, creative self expression and music that may suit them better.

Dancers are some of the finest athletes in the world. Dance creates bodies that are strong, agile, nimble and extremely fit as well as a quick, sharp mind. A new study has shown that dance works the same areas of the brain that are used for math and science.

Also you should know that the top academic universities that traditionally have not had dance programs  have added dance major and minors. This includes universities like Harvard, Yale, USC and Stanford. And what are the admission officers looking for? Dancers with excellent studio training and a competition resume.

Colleges and universities see dance competition as an excellent predictor of future achievement. It looks really good on a college application even if your dancer isn't going to major in dance. College admission officers give it as much credibility as participating in sports, if not more, since the skills are higher and the training more intense.



How to Get Involved in Our Dance Team

Auditions are held at the beginning of the dance year. Please go to our Art in Motion Dance Team Page for more information.

Give us a call 818-760-8675 we are happy to talk to you about our programs.

Located at
Evolution Studios
10816 Burbank Blvd.
in the NoHo Arts District

Entrance and parking at the rear of the building.

I love competitions. I like having the chance to show off what I can do. I always have fun while dancing
— Samantha, Student, Sylmar
I have only been here for a few months but everyone is nice and I already have a lot of friends. Dance competition was a big part of my life in New Jersey but I am already achieving my goals here at Art of the Dance.
— Amber, Student, Sherman Oaks