See what our parents and students are saying about our
dance school, studio and classes

At Art of the Dance, students can truly thrive because the teachers honor each dancer’s individual talents. My daughter has made special friendships and has especially benefited from the Artistic Director’s loving guidance.
— S. Rizzolo, Van Nuys
Our daughter has studied dance at several other dance studios, and we find Miss Leslie’s classes to be the most focused and effective. Miss Leslie teaches proper technique in a nurturing atmosphere with lots of individual attention. She cultivates a generous, non competitive, ensemble spirit among her students. We are very happy with the experience our child is having.
— T.R. Oglesby. West Hollywood
We just went to Art of the Dance because it was in the neighborhood. Now we would go where ever Art of the Dance goes. We love Art of the Dance. The studio has given my girls a good direction to go in their life. We like the teachers, the other parents and the girls have made good friends. Competition gives the girls a purpose to be in class as well as goals.
— L. Kaganovsky, Valley Village
I like the teachers very much. They are very nice. Every single day, I get up and start dancing
— Anabelle, Student, Van Nuys
Art of the Dance offers me new challenges all the time. And wonderful friends.
— Carina, Student, Valley Village
Art of the Dance has enriched my daughters’ lives immeasurably. Through the challenging yet gentle instruction my girls have not only become impressive dancers but have developed a strength and grace that benefits them in all other activities plus they have been given an appreciation of the art! The studio has become a second home to my girls. The other students and teachers feel like an extended family. After nine years they still look forward to every class.
— B. Falkenstein, Valley Village
I like Art of the Dance over any other studio I have been at. I came from another studio and I have really improved a lot in the short period I have been here. Everyone has really welcomed me. Miss Leslie is an amazing teacher. Miss Leslie rocks.
— Oona, Student, West Hollywood
Art of the Dance is fun and everyone is close. I like that I am challenged and expected to be focused because it will make me a really great dancer.
— Gretel, Student, Valley Village
I like Art of the Dance. They teach us cool moves. They taught me how to really dance.
— Eva, Student, Valley Village
I like to express myself and learn about dancing. It teaches me new things. You always get to have fun while you dance
— Malisa, Student, North Hollywood
Art of the Dance is so fun and exciting. It’s challenging to dance my best.
— Melanie, Student, Sherman Oaks
Art of the Dance has become such an essential part of the lives of my daughters. It is not only a dance school but a second home to them. For the past six plus years Art of the Dance has taught them to have self- confidence, charm and grace. The growth that I have witnessed is truly amazing. The Artistic Director and the teachers have been so loving and caring and have made such a difference in their lives. They work with each one’s individual personality. They help and teach them always to do their best. My daughters absolutely LOVE their dance classes and the experience of being part of an award winning dance team.
— J. Najjarian, Eagle Rock
Dancing is my favorite thing to do. I’m not here to play or talk. I’m here because I want to be the best dancer I can be.
— Dara, Student, North Hollywood
I like the teacher. I like dancing. I like doing all the steps
— Julia, Student, Burbank
I like doing ballet. I get to be with my friends. I have been dancing since I was 3 and I love dancing. I’ll always dance. When I grow up, I want to be a ballerina teacher
— Anahi, Student, Eagle Rock
When I dance at Art of the Dance I don’t worry about what anybody thinks, I can just be a free spirit. I like all my friends. Miss Leslie always gets me to do my best, accomplish my dance to do list and have fun.
— Katy, Student, Toluca Lake